Take the time to experience the benefits of healing touch for relaxation or therapy




Matthew Bradshaw - Relaxation Massage

Matthew has had a lifelong interest in health and healing therapies. He has experienced a wide range of work environments and as an experienced teacher, he brings a wealth of experience to the clients he treats. He is very mindful of the need to maintain the highest standards of health care in his practice.


Massage for relaxation

Massage has been used throughout the ages as a natural way of dispelling tension and easing pain. In today's modern world, stress is an ever-increasing part of everyday life. Relaxation massage is a wonderful remedy that can offer immediate relief from the symptoms of stress and tension-induced fatigue. This natural and supportive form of therapy can deliver real results which will improve a person's wellbeing and vitality.


Consultations are tailored to meet the needs for each patient

Initial Consultation

60 minutes

Your initial consultation is structured so that your current problem can be assessed fully. This is a vital part of the process to ensure you get the most from your initial consultation.

Follow Up Consult

60 minutes

Your follow-up appointments will review & assess your progress, identifying anything that may be hindering your success. 


Payment for consultations is required on the day of consultation unless another arrangement is made.

Discounts are available for cases with financial hardship such as the unemployed and pension card holders.

Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice if you can’t attend an appointment. Failure to cancel your appointment prior to the 24-hour notice period will entitle you to a 50% refund.

Payment can be made by credit card, EFTPOS, cash or cheque.

Please phone the Centre on (07) 4661 3340 to make an appointment.

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The Centre for Healthy Living is a place where allied health professionals provide help and service as independent private practitioners. The Centre does not provide emergency or acute mental health services. People in need of these services should contact their GP or the Mental Health Unit at the Warwick Base Hospital.

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