CAN DO Program

Children's Autism and Neuro-Developmental Optimization Program

Help for children with autism, ADHD and learning difficulties

The  CAN DO Program - Helping your child to reach their full potential

The CAN DO program is an integrated group of therapies to help children with developmental disorders such as ASD, ADHD or other childhood challenges.

We aim to help your child alleviate their difficulties and develop strengths so that they can reach their full potential.


The therapies within the CAN DO program incorporate the newly recognized principles of neuro plasticity outlined by distinguished psychiatrist Dr Norman Doidge. In general terms, these are to restore brain health and then invigorate the brain through toning  exercises, mental relaxation and strategies to improve perceptual clarity.

The CAN DO therapies are targeted to use these processes to help return the brain to optimal function. The therapies can be taken separately but we recommend for the greatest benefit, the total package should be embraced.

Four core components of the CANDO program are:-

  1. Psychological assessment
  2. Use of biomedical herbs and supplements
  3. Auditory training
  4. Social skills training
About psychological assessment

Children and adolescents with autism and other neurodevelopmental problems can struggle with school learning, regulating their own emotions and behaviour and social friendships. The CAN DO  program begins with a detailed assessment to evaluate your child’s strengths and weaknesses in several areas.

These may be their current functioning in terms intellectual ability, memory, reasoning skills and ability to process new information, attention, language and communication skills. Their behavioural, emotional and social development and  Auditory processing ability may also be assessed.

The use of biomedical herbs and supplements

After a thorough psychological assessment, consultation with the medical herbalist is the next step. They may describe an individualised regime of evidence-based herbs and supplements to enhance the cellular health of the brain. Dr Doige points out that when cells in the brain are restored to health, a great deal of the 'noise' the brain emits is quietened, making a child’s nervous system more amenable to learning.

About auditory training

Problems with auditory processing can be under many of the issues children with autism, attention problems or learning difficulties experience. These problems can affect a child’s capacity for listening, developing language skills, learning, and behavioural regulation. 

Auditory training is a well-established and proven specialised treatment that involves exposure to a combination electronically modified speech and music that is dynamically modified to stimulate and restore the auditory system and its pathways.

How does it help?

It assists a child to develop better receptive language and listening skills as well as expressive language ability and voice control. These skills provide a platform for better educational outcomes. Other positive changes that have been documented include increased ability to adapt to change, better eye contact, reduced sensory sensitivity, improved emotional responsiveness and a decrease and repetitive behaviours.

Social skills Training

Autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and learning difficulties affect a child’s abilities to communicate, regulate their emotions and make friends. Targeted support in the form of social skills training can help to compensate for difficulties or shortfalls child may be experiencing this area. The CANDO program uses the Secret Agent Society which is a small group program developed by Dr René Beaumont at the University of Queensland to help children crack the code of emotions and friendships. It helps children develop better social skills allowing them to feel happier calmer and braver, build lasting friendships. Sessions can be done anywhere online from the comfort of your home or face to face at our Centre.

Parents support group

Helping a child with challenging difficulties such as in autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders can be very stressful for parents. The parent support group facilitators are Jan Dugan and Jan Gudkovs, authors of “the focused child “and “helping children relax “. It provides support and guidance in how to help your child as they work through can do program.

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