Secret Agent Society

SAS has been developed by researchers at the University of Queensland. It helps children develop social skills, allowing them to make and keep friendships.

In this changing world, children sometimes have difficulty regulating their emotions, talking with other children and building friendships.

If your child has issues like this, they can often be isolated, lonely, anxious and unhappy.

Whilst the digital world can be unhelpful, it can be used creatively to help children develop social skills.


By Dr Renae Beaumont

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) is a fun filled online program to help children aged 8 to 12 years crack the code of emotions and friendship so they can reach their full potential.

Research has shown it is supportive for children with high functioning autism, anxiety disorders, ADHD, anger management difficulties or other general challenges with staying calm and relating to other children.

The Secret Agent Society’s (SAS) supports children with social and emotional challenges through engaging them with award-winning spy-themed resources and an animated secret agent computer game. Children will have weekly missions to complete and an interactive computer game to play to help practice skills from weekly online club lessons.

The program teaches your child how to:

  • Recognise their own emotions
  • Express feelings appropriately
  • Cope with feelings of anger and anxiety
  • Communicate and play with others
  • Cope with mistakes, social and situational transitions and challenges
  • Build and maintain friendships
  • Solve social problems and find solutions
  • Prevent and manage bullying and teasing
  • Acknowledge their personal strengths and skills.

Junior detectives graduate from SAS equipped with skills to feel happier, calmer and braver while making and maintaining many new friends.

The program can be done online by you and your child, from the comfort of your own home or face to face at our friendly Centre.

Various program times are available to suit both child and parent needs.

Call us now to find out more on (07) 4661 3340 or fill out the initial enquiry form below.


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